Today I feel obligated to heap great praise and give an unqualified endorsement. I think TechnoLawyer’s BlawgWorld is superb. In particular I think it is a great resource for the busy practicing lawyer. Let me explain.

It can be tough being a lawyer in this, or any other, economy. Representing clients, completing projects, handling administrative

For four years Blawg Review has given a rotating cast of legal bloggers the chance to examine the prior week in blogging as they saw it. The results have beeen mixed, but generally interesting. Of course, in my view, there have been times when the secretive editor of BR has committed errors in judgment. (In fact

When you compare blogs with law reviews, they seem to be polar opposites. Blogs are online and, with the exception of a few pioneers, law reviews are still largely paper-based. Law review articles reflect months of careful research and writing. They are carefully vetted and meticulously proofread. There is generally some level of competition to