Well, the ABA Journal has really improved its online content this year and this week’s new feature is the Blawg 100, which features "the 100 best Web sites by lawyers, for lawyers, as chosen by the editors of the ABA Journal." So you can click on the link above and go vote for your favorites among the 100. I’m pleased that Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips was included and would appreciate your vote. As I understand it, you can vote for as many blawgs as you wish, but only once for each one. It’s worth your time to visit the collection just because you will undoubtedly find some blogs you have missed or forgotten. The blogs are classified by category and mine is included in Lawyer’s Toolkit. You can jump to that section directly by clicking here. (In case you are in a real hurry to vote!) Other categories include Lawyers Behaving Badly (aka ethics blawgs) and Your So-Called Life.

As I said, the ABA Journal has really improved its website during 2007 and it is definitely an improved news source. They’ve also provided a Blawg Directory, with guides and links to over 1500 blawgs (or legal blogs if you prefer,) so it a good place to see whether there might be a blawg featuring the specialized legal content you desire. Just for an example, check out their guide to Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips, and you can see the screen capture, the link to the RSS feed and the first few sentences of the 10 lastest posts with links to the entire post. All in all, a nice one page summary of my work, and a fine way to quickly review dozens of blogs.

So, as the saying goes, vote early and often.  <Grin>