Today I have a pleasant assignment. I get to write about one of my favorite people. That is because Laura Calloway has launched her new blog, The Last Word. Laura Calloway is the Director of the Practice Management Assistance Program for the Alabama State Bar. She is an intelligent and capable lawyer and I have no doubt Alabama bar members love her and her program. I’m well aware that Laura has served in her role with the Alabama Bar for eleven years as we both recall learning that the Oklahoma Bar and the Alabama Bar were starting Practice Management Advisor programs. Both were launched within a month of each other and both hired directors named Calloway. She never lets me forget that she has senority, however.

She has been named to chair ABA TECHSHOW 2009. So I am really looking forward to ABA TECHSHOW, as I do every spring. I can’t begin to list all of Laura’s accomplishments. She served as co-editor for the finance articles for Law Practice Magazine. She speaks and writes frequently. I’m sure we will all learn a lot from The Last Word.

Usually I wouldn’t feature a new blog as a Website of the Week, but this one is guaranteed to have lots of useful content. (Of course, posting may be a bit light leading up to ABA TECHSHOW 2009 next spring, but we understand that.) So check out The Last Word. In fact, one of her posts is something I was going to write about last week, but I got a little too angry. So look for my take on an important June deadline later this week.