Extraordinary effort should be noted. Blawg Review provides a weekly round-up of the previous week in law-related blogging through the efforts of a guest host. The host for this Labor Day edition is George Lenard, who writes George’s Employment Blog.

George’s Labor Day Special Edition Historical Edition of Blawg Review (#124) is noteworthy for several reasons:

  1. The Labor Day historical theme is extremely well-executed with fourteen (!) different sections, including such historical notes as the Haymarket Square riot of May, 1886 and 1902-1949 States Adopt Workers’ Compensation Laws. It is truly a multimedia history lesson as well as a Blawg Review.
  2. It’s huge. George just didn’t limit himself to culling through the submissions from the bloggers and blawg fans. It is clear that he spent a lot of time "blawg surfing" and found a huge amount of content and, surprise, he found a lot of blog content that fit well into his theme.
  3. You will find something of interest here. You may not care about the history of working or the number of worker’s comp or employment law blawgs on the WWW. But, I believe every reader will find something useful here if you can take the time to review it all. (In fact, the only negative about this collection is the huge amount of content.) I’ve been hoping someone would do such a broad and comprehensive Blawg Review for a while and there’s a lot of content of interest here.

I imagine this site will be heavily visited this month, but I wanted to direct my readers to George’s great collection as my Website of the Week for this week.