For four years Blawg Review has given a rotating cast of legal bloggers the chance to examine the prior week in blogging as they saw it. The results have beeen mixed, but generally interesting. Of course, in my view, there have been times when the secretive editor of BR has committed errors in judgment. (In fact, I'm not even sure that Anon. Ed. has been the same person all four years.) It was not that long ago I swore never to read or even mention Blawg Review ever again due to Ed's bad judgment.

But it is amazing what a difference a true professional can make. Jordan Furlong is a professional writer and editor. His coverage of the blogosphere in Blawg Review #207 in his homage-to-newspaper style shows there is still life in the Blawg Review concept, even after four years. Blawg Review no long holds the place it once did as the keeper of the legal blogosphere. But Jordan Furlong does this week in law-related blogging proud on his Law21 blog. If you looked hard and worked at it, there was a huge amount of law-related blogging activity to be chronicled. Some American readers may not appreciate everything this Canadian journalist features and says. But you won't be able to read Blawg Review #207 without pausing to think — and click on some of the featured links to read the full posts. Great job, Jordan.