This about-to-be released MiFi card really looks cool.  You can carry your own wireless cloud with you and share it with up to four other users. There are lots of very interesting possibilities, including, as one poster noted, saving a lot of money if you exhibit at trade shows where they charge through the nose for Internet

One of the sites I showed at ABA TECHSHOW'S 60 Sites in 60 Minutes was Wordle. The producers even call it a toy. They say "Wordle is a toy for generating 'word clouds' from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text." But

Twitter use was very evident at the recent ABA TECHSHOW. Tne Oklahoma Bar Association is now using Twitter. A lot of lawyers are using Twitter and a lot of lawyers are wondering if they should try Twitter.

So  we decided to do a pair of web-only special feature articles for the OBA. Mine is called

Catherine Sanders Reach and I co-authored an article, Disposable News: Anatomy of iGoogle. We are both fans of using iGoogle to capture RSS newsfeeds and the other Google Gadgets for a customized personal "home page." If you don't have an iGoogle page, read the article and set one up.

Here's a really great Internet search tip. I have posted it before, but it bears repeating. Scott Buhlinger, attorney with the law firm of Brewer, Worten, Robinett, Bartlesville, OK, e-mailed me this week. Scott's no dummy, so he started his e-mail with many laudatory comments about how he reads my blog all the time and it is great.