Here's a really great Internet search tip. I have posted it before, but it bears repeating. Scott Buhlinger, attorney with the law firm of Brewer, Worten, Robinett, Bartlesville, OK, e-mailed me this week. Scott's no dummy, so he started his e-mail with many laudatory comments about how he reads my blog all the time and it is great. His question was how to easily search this blog for older material. He probably noted that I do not have a search feature on the blog.

This is a great question, Scott, and I have a great answer.

Many blogs and websites have a built-in search window. Some are quite good, meaning those powered by Google and Yahoo. Some are weak. But as for me, I just use Google for this task. It is what most seasoned Internet searchers do, since we don't know how good an included search function of a website might be. Scott, just go to Google and type your normal search term or terms followed by site: The "site:" command limits the search just to the indicated site.

This will apply the power of Google to search only the designated site. And this will often return better results than the search engine included on a websiite does. For example, I was really shocked to learn that in all these years writing on my blog, I have only used the word Sooners one time. (Well, now twice!) Compare that with 572 results for the word Oklahoma. For those of you who found this useful, check out Google Advanced Search for more goodies.