I've signed up with Twitter. If you are using Twitter, you can follow me @jimcalloway. You can look at my Twitter page at http://twitter.com/jimcalloway. You do not have to register with Twitter to view the pages of those using Twitter. (Well, almost all of them. A few lock them down with permissions.)

You may not have heard of Twitter yet. It is referred to as a microblogging service. Our posts to Twitter (known as Tweets) are limited to 140 characters.You can "follow" people and receive their Tweets as soon as they are posted on your Twitter page (or in other ways.) But Twitter has expanded from the simple idea of friends keeping track of each other's activities to become a significant new communication tool. Some celebrities have tens of thousands of people following their activites via Twitter. And of course, there are many who react to hearing of Twitter with "Where would I find time to do that?" (or in Twitter-ese, maybe "OMG! No time 2do")

I did tell a few people that I wouldn't sign up for Twitter until I had my e-mail inbox under control and, no, I haven't. But doing a presentation for TECHSHOW on the Road in Boston and seeing the number of people tweeting during the program about what was being said did raise my interest. So feel free to follow me and please don't take it personally if I don't follow you back. (Still that nagging inbox issue.) I'll try to tweet some useful information.The amount of tweeting at ABA TECHSHOW next month should be significant.

Here's a blog post on large law firms now utilizing Twitter.

OK, I know I mentioned celebrities. Serious lawyers should skip the next three links.

Forbes article "Why Celebrities Twitter"

New York Post article on best celebrities to follow.

25+ Celebrity Twitter Users (I already see new caeers opening for Ghost-Tweeters.)

But there's more than time-wasting and frivolity on Twitter.

For example, here are some of the legal ethicists on Twitter. 





Here's the Wikipedia entry on Twitter. There's more, but I know some of you are dying to go check those celebrity links. I'll revisit this topic here later. (Psst…they say Lance Armstrong tweets over ten times a day. I haven't checked.) A bunch of journalists and politicos are tweeting, too.