A few years ago I wrote a blog post stating that all law firms really needed a Web site now. I hoped law firms would make it their New Year's Resolution for 2006 to set up one if they didn't have one and look at improving their site if they had one.

So now it is 2009 and I see Internet marketing being even more important for lawyers. The social networking sites are growing and many more people are using their browsers in their smart phones to locate important information. More people look to the Net first when searching for information. Certainly most law firms of any size now have a Web site. But some solo and small firm lawyers resist. I think mainly they just don't know where to begin. So I wrote a primer, Web Site How-To Tips for the Small Firm Lawyer, a few weeks ago. I hope this encourages the remaining laweyrs without a Web site to get going.

But if you have had a Web site for a few years, don't be complacent. The odds are that if you haven't thought about your Web site much in the last couple of years, it is due for a facelift. The color scheme may be dated or you have still list departed lawyers on it. Review your Web site now to see how you can improve it in the new year.

One idea might be to take some photos within your firm to use instead of stock impersonal pictures. I'd be overly cautious and get signed releases from any employees whose photos were used. (Sure it is OK to pay them a little bonus for consenting.) Respect the wishes of any employee who does not wish to be photographed. But, how much more alive, interesting and personal would your Web site be if it had pictures of your office and your staff instead of models and actors? Take plenty so you can easily rotate in new photos in a few months without having to have a new "picture day."