A couple of months ago, I was interviewed by National, the magazine of the Canadian Bar Association on the topic of Software as a Service (SaaS.)  The resulting article, "Practicing Law with SaaS," is a good overview of the topic. Lawyers are so protective of client confidentiality that they are rightfully quite concerned

Today I want to write a little bit about Google. This is inspired by David Carr's article in the New York Times Google Seduces with Utility, where he discusses his ever-growing relationship with Google. Check out his article. I find myself in the same place. Every few months I learn of a new

How would you like to build your own custom search engine? (I can hear people thinking now, "I’m a lawyer, not a programmer.")

But think of the possibilities. You could have a search engine geared to search only your 15 favorite research sites, or favorite news or political commentary sites or even sites related to

Sadly Genie Tyburski has announced she is shutting down the legal research website, The Virtual Chase. Can it really be that she has been maintaining this website and giving us all great free information for 12 years? My colleague, Pete Roberts of the Washington Bar, notes that it is a good time to visit

Our podcast, The Digital Edge: Lawyers and Technology recently covered "The ABC’s of SEO." SEO, as you probably know stands for Search Engine Optimization, or in layman’s terms, "How can I get the search engines to notice my Website?"

Sharon Nelson and I tried to have some fun with what admittedly can be a dry

Attorney Brad Smith, of the Barkley Law Firm of Tulsa, asked me to let all of you know about his new site LegalWikiPro. He would love for this to become a comprehensive substantive law wiki for lawyers. Since he is just getting started, he has focused on developing a category of Oklahoma law at

You finally got your law firm Web site online and waited for the new clients to come rolling in. But for some reason it just didn’t happen that way. Well, all of our marketing efforts are long term projects, with the possible exception of TV, radio and newspaper ads. Your marketing efforts will hopefully still