One of the more important tasks for lawyers is proofreading. It also can be among the most tedious. We endeavor to produce perfect legal documents. Reading a complex document for the third or fourth time can be tiring.

We have all also learned that when proofreading a document you authored, there are times you can

Let me stress this is “ten top” tools, not a ranked Top Ten list. But these ten types of tools should be on the agenda for implementation in most solo and small firm practices.

Here’s the quote I’d emphasize from the column.

The most significant observation I have distilled from the past year is the

Muting a browser tab quickly is a skill that you may not know you need to know. But once you use it a few times, you won’t forget. Blaring popup video ads are bad enough, but when you still have the headphones on from your last video-conference, they can be startling. If you have many

Completing this week’s holiday shopping tips trilogy is the ZDNet Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Another reputable product review website, ZDNet began as a subscription-based digital service called “ZiffNet” that offered computing information to users of CompuServ. (Some will recall that first version of OBA-NET was also hosted on CompuServ.) It has a long online

Teleconference Virtual Handshake2020 has been a time of change.

One change generated by the increase in working from home was an explosion of videoconferencing. Many people whose prior videoconferencing experience had been limited to a few online seminars or product demonstrations were soon having multiple videoconferences each day. Online clothing distributors reported sales of tops, but not