Long ago when I practiced consumer bankruptcy law, I used to think about the precise meaning of tools of the trade. Oklahoma opted out of the federal bankruptcy exemptions and we use the state statutory exemptions instead. One of the exemptions was “Implements of husbandry necessary to farm the homestead and tools, apparatus and books

The Big Ideas issue of the ABA Law Practice Magazine is one of my favorite publications of the year and the latest on (July/August 2019) is now online and free for you to read. This year the theme is automation. Heidi S. Alexander, Director of Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, provides practical advice on

It has been Collaboration Week for lawyers. It’s not like the ABA or Congress designated it as such, but that still seems to be the case. The “week” actually started last Friday when Attorney At Work published Tech Tips: Collaborating Well With Others. The post noted:

For this edition of Friday Tech Tips, we

Our most fun Digital Edge podcast of the year is Tech Toys for the Holidays and our 2016 edition contains some great technology gadgets as well as much laughter and some sound effects added Tech Toys 2016by the Legal Talk Network team.

This podcast includes the links to all of the tech toys we feature which range