It’s that special time of year. By that I mean it is time for the Tech Toys for the Holiday episode from the Digital Edge podcast. Sharon Nelson and I both agree that it is our favorite podcast of the year and many of our listeners tell us the same thing.

This year we have a wide range of tech toys to add to your shopping list, even if you are just shopping for yourself. Our show notes has links to all of the items featured. So even if you don’t want to listen to the entire podcast you can still see the list of items featured for your online shopping. From dash cams to web cams, from a digital microscope to a personal bug and hidden camera detector, you will learn about a lot of devices that you perhaps cannot live without.

This edition of The Digital Edge will be Sharon and Jim’s final podcast. We close with 189 episodes of the Digital Edge completed. So that is a very long run for a podcast, particularly a podcast hosted by two busy lawyers. Thanks to all of our friends at the Legal Talk Network for supporting us and hosting our podcast. And a special thank you from me to my long-standing friend and ever-patient co-host, Sharon Nelson. I’m absolutely sure I would have never persisted this long without her. One thing I will miss about ending the podcast is I won’t have an excuse to talk to Sharon every month.

Listen the podcast: