For much of my time in legal tech, I’ve had one primary recommendation on desktop scanners: “Buy whatever the latest Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner model is.” There are simply great scanners. They are great for small firm lawyers because they are simple to use, durable and come with great software. At ABA TECHSHOW it was always surprising what a high percentage of legal tech speakers and influencers in different practice settings, all used the SnanSnap scanners.

On a personal note, I cannot tell you how many times I have had to spell Fujitsu during a telephone call with an Oklahoma lawyer.

To those who are concerned, the announcement is a rebrand, not a cancellation of the line. See PFU Rebrands Industry-Leading Document Scanners from Fujitsu to Ricoh. The company was not going to sunset such a popular line of scanners. Meanwhile, I will have to retrain myself to spell Ricoh to those I am consulting with by telephone.

ScanSnap scanners were first launched in 2001. Here is a great 20th anniversary feature showing the release date of each ScanSnap scanner. For some of us, that was a fun walk down memory lane. In any event, since they are keeping the ScanSnap brand, it won’t be hard to find the scanners online when you need a replacement. I know lots of lawyers who have been using the same ScanSnap 500 series for over 10 years.

As I have noted before, in a world of digital client files, the scanner is the new hole punch, which is why you need a scanner you can operate from your workstation, not one you need to get up and go down the hall to use.