Approximately one year ago, it became more challenging to record phone calls on Android phones. In April 2022, Google announced Android apps in the Play Store could no longer use Android’s accessibility APIs for non-accessibility purposes. Since that was how most third-party call recording apps operated, they were effectively killed when the policy went into effect in May 2022.

How to Record a Phone Call on Android by How-To Geek is a comprehensive article on every available way to record a conversation now on your Android phone. Of particular interest is a Google Voice setup where you can push the 4 button to record a call, Google Voice notifies the parties that a recording is underway. But that only works on incoming calls, not ones the caller has placed. Items like that are why this post is so useful. Android users should review this post and set up their preferred method to record calls now, so it will be available if needed. For example, recording a client authorizing you to settle a case might not be the preferred method of documentation, but it works if you preserve the audio file.