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The new iPad is out today! The new iPad is out today! The new iPad is out today! OK, that may not be as funny as Steve Martin's screams about being in the new phone book in The Jerk, but a lot of people are really excited about the new and improved iPad released

I did not get to hear my friend, Judge Herbert M. Dixon, Jr., give the keynote address at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting session titled “‘Friend is Now a Verb: Judicial Ethics and the New Social Media,” which was sponsored by the ABA’s Judicial Division. Judge Dixon is a former ABA TECHSHOW Board member

Trial lawyers have great stories. Veteran Oklahoma City trial lawyer Rex Travis shares the story of his first jury trial. I pass this along not as a long practice management tip, but just because it is a great story. Download FirstTrial.Travis.OklahomaBar

TrialPad 2.0 for the iPad is so good, this isn't even a review. It is an unabashed fan letter. Even non-litigators can benefit from this great app, especially if you have an iPad 1 that you won't be trading in for a while. First of all, I have been referred to as thrifty (well, OK, maybe

There are so many technology tools that it is sometimes a challenge to recognize all the ways that they can be used. Well, one of the neat features of the iPhone and iPad is that you can save a screen shot of whatever is displayed on the phone by holding down the power button and

I resolve to blog a lot more about the iPad next year.

I think the iPad is a bit over-hyped, but still has many uses for lawyers, both personal and professional.

I see trial lawyers carrying iPads in courts in front of juries where that just wouldn't be done with even a small notebook.


Before I direct you to Mongo, let me note two really great lawyer-columnists who no longer write their columns. In bygone days, there was one primary source for lawyers for information about technology advances. Each month in Law Practice magazine, Burgess Allison used to write Technology Update. His humor was great. I used to LOL reading