Before I direct you to Mongo, let me note two really great lawyer-columnists who no longer write their columns. In bygone days, there was one primary source for lawyers for information about technology advances. Each month in Law Practice magazine, Burgess Allison used to write Technology Update. His humor was great. I used to LOL reading this column before most of us had seen it typed as LOL. And no one could skewer Microsoft as well as Burgess. We miss you, Burg. Maybe you need to take up Twitter?

Another great column was McElhaney on Litigation in the ABA Journal by Jim McElhaney. Talk about learning at the feet of a master! Although this no longer appears as a regular column, the ABA Journal still runs reprints occasionally because his advice is great and timeless.

This brings me to Mongo. The February 2010 ABA Journal has reprinted a July 1995 McElhaney on Litigation column now-titled Meet Mongo. The tag line says "Unleashing your inner beast in Court hurts you, not the other side." Every lawyer should read this one, even non-litigators. It is funny and so very true. Many of us have had that moment in court where some inner Mongo whispered for us to lash out or otherwise misbehave.

If you want some more good reading and good advice for courtroom lawyers, just input "McElhaney on Litigation" into Google or your search engine of choice. But perhaps you should do this on a date without a lot of deadlines. You could be reading for a while.