I resolve to blog a lot more about the iPad next year.

I think the iPad is a bit over-hyped, but still has many uses for lawyers, both personal and professional.

I see trial lawyers carrying iPads in courts in front of juries where that just wouldn't be done with even a small notebook.

On our Tech Toys for the Holidays Digital Edge podcast , we mentioned iJuror, a $9.99 app for the iPad that helps lawyers in jury selection. This is one example of a new type of tool that works for the iPad and upcoming similar devices. Scott Falbo was so pleased that we mentioned his creation, he gave us a few codes that will let one download and install iJuror for free.

This offer is only open to lawyers who presently own an iPad. But if you would like a free copy of iJuror for the iPad, e-mail my assistant at amyk@okbar.org. There are a limited number avaiable and when they are gone, they are gone. This offer expires at 4:45 CST 12/22/2010 in any event.