Trials and Presentations

There are two areas related to geotagging photos that lawyers need to appreciate. One is related to privacy and security concerns of both lawyers and their clients. Another relates to the sometimes-hidden evidentiary value of geotagged photos.

As Brian X. Chen, consumer technology columnist for The New York Times, noted in a recent

To be honest, one of the last things I’d ever want to write a law practice technology tip about is Jeffery Epstein’s associate Ghislaine Maxwell’s deposition. But after a federal court recently released a redacted copy of her 2016 depositions, the cyber sleuths went to work.

Lawyers, if you ever relied redaction of a deposition

Trial presentation software and presentation tools have become a part of many trial attorneys’ lives. Many hearings do not require these tools. But today’s jurors are used to receiving information via videos and graphics. Every trial lawyer has seen the jurors pay close attention to well-crafted charts or photographs of the accident scene displayed on

Witness Preparation: Best Practices for a Successful Deposition is a really nice article by Tulsa, Oklahoma attorney Robert P. Redemann. I strongly recommend it to any lawyer, even those who might not be involved with depositions. Sometimes it is good to understand best practices in our profession. Share the link with a young lawyer you