Many small firm lawyers use the free Google email service Gmail to communicate with their clients. There are often questions raised about the security of Gmail because of the ads displayed that can change based on the content of your emails. So when you email several relatives seeing who is attending the cousin’s wedding, it

Oklahoma Bar Association Practice Management Advisor Julie Bays has created a nice video on the features of practice management software. She demonstrates the types of features these tools offer, featuring various products that are also OBA member benefits. She also offers free telephone or video consultations to OBA members who are deciding which of these

If you are wondering how something can be both a cliché and a big new idea, I'll concede that is a good question. Bear with me.

Big ideas cover 2016Since 2013, Law Practice Magazine has featured its "Big Ideas" themed issue in July. I was the issue editor on the first issue and, since then, that has been

Most lawyers hate filling out timesheets to record their billable time. Lawyers are also not perfect at Time sheetaccomplishing this, leading every company with a time and billing product to tout how much money can be made if only every bit of “lost” time was recorded. But the practice of recording time by hand on paper

How many times do you see "Visit my blog!", "We have great news articles online here" or "See our website for more"? How often do you actually follow up just to see what is there?

My guess is the honest answer for most of you is “not often.” The more telling question is if you

Here's a great explanation of why you need to use Evernote.

"Evernote is software that is a digital extension to your biological memory. Remembering ideas becomes trivial….The intellectual demands on professional life can be overwhelming. Great minds are best deployed to the intractable problems to hand. But life is made up of lots of little

Time management is a challenge for us all these days. There are so many more distractions and so many more electronic avenues for assignments to come our way. It is a constant struggle to maintain productivity and a constant goal to improve. Missing a calendar entry can be critical in a law firm, so we

Meg Spencer Dixon pulled three consecutive all-nighters before she began pursuing time management as a career. Now, she is a consultant in task management for legal professionals. In this edition of The Digital Edge – Lawyers and Technology podcast, Time Management for Lawyers, Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway invite Dixon to discuss her top

There are many ways to fail and sometimes few ways (or one) to succeed. Many lawyers tend to view the whole concept of legal project management with some suspicion and wariness. They view themselves as creative problem solvers and do not want their thought processes to be limited to following a flow chart. Besides, just