Time management is a challenge for us all these days. There are so many more distractions and so many more electronic avenues for assignments to come our way. It is a constant struggle to maintain productivity and a constant goal to improve. Missing a calendar entry can be critical in a law firm, so we live by our calendars. But making certain that critical tasks are completed promptly is equally important. Many lawyers put critical to-do items or deadlines on their calendars, even though they should be in a task list.

My latest column in Law Practice Magazine is titled Time Management by Buckets and Lists. It is quite short so you will not have to spend too much time reading it. If you go to a bookstore, you will likely find many titles on time management and personal productivity. I cover what many of these approaches have in common and then interview my friend Paul Unger of Affinity Consulting Group for his step-by-step approach for to-do lists that combines modern technology with old-school methods.

I hope you will find value in Time Management by Buckets and Lists.

This column is in the March/April 2014 issue of Law Practice Magazine. It is the annual ABA TECHSHOW issue since ABA TECHSHOW is later this month in Chicago. There are many great articles in this issue, including the cover story, Social Media 2.0: The Next Generation of Hyperconnectivity by Daniel A. Schwartz. The stories and columns are available online, but you may find that you can more easily find the time to read them if you subscribe via the mobile app.