Calendly now integrates with Teams, Zoom, and GoToMeeting and the integration is done through its basic free plan. See Calendly Announces Integration with Microsoft Teams, Makes All Video Conferencing Free For Users.

If you don’t know what Calendly does, you haven’t been to a legal technology conference in a while because “let me send you a Calendly invite” is often overheard in these venues. Lawyers, particularly those serving individual consumers, should consider using a tool like Calendly that lets prospective clients (and all clients) schedule their appointment at a time that is best for them. They pick from times that you have identified as available in Calendly. Many professionals now say, “Let me send you a link so you can schedule when you want to come in.” It is a more “user friendly” approach. And once they pick their time, everything happens automatically to place in on your calendar and give them email notification.

The integration with videoconferencing tools means when a client uses Calendly to schedule a Zoom or Teams video conference, the setup for the meeting links is handled by software. This is a great way to save a little time, often non-billed time.

There are other tools that do the similar things, like Microsoft 365 FindTime. But this service is becoming very common very quickly and I predict the law firm that doesn’t have online scheduling will soon be in the minority.