Here's a great explanation of why you need to use Evernote.

"Evernote is software that is a digital extension to your biological memory. Remembering ideas becomes trivial….The intellectual demands on professional life can be overwhelming. Great minds are best deployed to the intractable problems to hand. But life is made up of lots of little things that have to be remembered. Evernote stops you wasting effort on remembering all those little things, and liberates your imagination."

That explanation was written by Philippe Doyle Gray, a barrister from Sydney, Australia. I was privileged to sit in on the session he taught at ABA TECHSHOW on How to Optimize Evernote. He is now sharing his paper and his training videos on how to use Evernote with the world. Sometimes a picture, or a short video, really is worth a thousand words. Check out his online collection of Evernote resources for lawyers. We believe that Philippe was the first Austrailian to give a presentation for ABA TECHSHOW and my guess is that this will not be his last time.

Here are my addtional Evernote tips. Don't be a cheap skate. Subscribe to Evernote Premium for only $45 per year. Your monthly upload limit then increases from 40 MB to 1 GB per month. You get a PIN lock for mobile devices for improved security. Search tools are greatly enhanced as well. I use Evernote's web clipping service all of the time to save web pages for future reference.

Thanks to Philippe Doyle Gray for sharing his great insight.