The Sound of Music is often associated with the holiday season, even though the movie doesn’t contain content we would normally think of as relevant to the holidays. One reason is that in the days before streaming, family-friendly content was often broadcast by networks during this season. Many people have memories of watching the movie

One of the creepiest things about modern technology is shopping for something with your phone and then ads for that product will be displayed on websites you visit and other apps you use for many days following. iPhone users now have a new tool to avoid this type of tracking and many will want to

It is now a cliché to note that we have more computing power in our mobile phones than NASA had at its disposal during the moon missions. Today we’ll discuss harnessing one bit of that power with scanning apps.

Suppose you are visiting with a client outside of your office and the client shows you

Practicing law during a pandemic is both challenging and exhausting.

The OBA Management Assistance program began posting daily tips on practicing in a crisis in March. Like so many things in 2020, this has gone on much longer than we anticipated. Some readers may have missed some of our most popular tips, so we decided