Does quality writing really make you a better lawyer? On this episode of The Digital Edge, The Importance of Legal Writing, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway discuss legal writing with Gary Kinder, founder of the editing program WordRake. Together, they explore lawyers’ biggest writing errors, why this is important in the  Gary Kinder courtroom,

The last part of December contains many slow news days because so many people take off work during the holiday season. This week there was a collective sadness with the deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds. (RIP Princess.) This week there was also a collective “freak out” over coverage of a 2015

Our most fun Digital Edge podcast of the year is Tech Toys for the Holidays and our 2016 edition contains some great technology gadgets as well as much laughter and some sound effects added Tech Toys 2016by the Legal Talk Network team.

This podcast includes the links to all of the tech toys we feature which range

LOC from 1999Since the death of Prince you have probably heard the phrase “Party like it’s 1999” recently. I thought I’d spend a few minutes talking about the old days from someone who was actually doing law office technology consulting back in 1999.

In those days you could pretty much keep on top of all legal tech