Logging onto the Internet from (Almost) Anywhere is my most recent article in the Oklahoma Bar Journal. "I can now log onto the Internet using my laptop from almost anywhere — roadside, lakeside or poolside." It is great. I cover the details of using the highspeed Internet services provided by the mobile phone network carriers. But, even though this is not a budget-priced service, if you find yourself paying very often for hotel or airport Internet access, you may want to consider this alternative. Trial lawyers need to consider this as well. It is like wiring the courtrooms for your Internet access during trials.

I purchased my Sprint EVDO service from Dave Block of Block Business Solutions in Tulsa. How did a Tulsa vendor make a sale in Oklahoma City you might ask? It was the same way most lawyers get their clients. He was recommended by a mutual acquaintance and patiently dealt with all reasonable requests for information and accommodations, along with a few unreasonable ones.

Note: Due to airport delays and many writing deadlines, I’ve been a bit lax on blog posts. But I’ve got a lot of material to pas along. So I’m going to try to do a blog post every day for a while. Friends are welcome to start a betting pool to see how long it losts. (Weekdays only!)