For years, Texas lawyers enjoyed the humorous columns of Judge Buchmeyer. In his memory, a group of Texas lawyers has now launched They invite you to submit your funny courtroom stories and are even offering some cash prizes this month for those selected among the submissions. Every trial lawyer has a few great stories,

I never blogged about my Home Sweet Office article due to some technical issues here. But it is clear more and more lawyers are considering an office-based practice. I find it interesting that many of the success stories involve an established lawyers leaving the firm and "moving home," taking his/her existing clients and charging them

In a move with possible profound implications, Google Scholar has added a dedicated search for legal journals and court opinions. Check it out here. Apparently they have the entire Heinonline database included as I located a couple of articles I wrote back in 2005 that I didn't know were available on the free web. My

Apparently there is a fairly robust online debate about the state of the free access to the law. As we know the law is generally found in case opinions and statutes, which are, generally speaking, in the public domain by their nature. Scholarly treatises and law reviews provide analysis and commentary. Other research tools provide help in

Mitch Jackson has been really turning out some nice tips on his Trial Lawyer Tips blog. I don't do jury trials any more, but I wanted to pass along this nice resource to my readers and encourage Mitch and co-blogger Lisa Wilson to keep up the good work.

When Law Technology News decided to let Bob Ambrogi go on vacation, they let me guest author his Web Watch column, which is a bit intimidating since Bob is knowledgeable and well respected in his field. I decided to take a new look at an old topic: Internet search. The result is Sea of Possibilities

The Nutmeg Lawyer blog apparently just began in 2009. Some would say there are already plenty of lawyer blogs. But Adrian M. Baron, its author, can really write. His posts are entertaining, which is in many ways the most important aspect of blog posts. He can make you laugh. See the introduction to 8 Tips

Today I feel obligated to heap great praise and give an unqualified endorsement. I think TechnoLawyer’s BlawgWorld is superb. In particular I think it is a great resource for the busy practicing lawyer. Let me explain.

It can be tough being a lawyer in this, or any other, economy. Representing clients, completing projects, handling administrative