I'm a big fan of Jeff Richardson's iPhone JD blog and with the recent Apple new product announcement date scheduled on September 9 in a much larger-than-usual venue, you don't want to miss out on Jeff's in the news roundup this week.

But I really want to direct you to the recent guest post – Lawyer iPhone

Top 30 BadgeEarlier this year this website listed my blog as one of their Top 30 Law Blogs of 2013. I failed to mention it here at the time, but I'm always greatly appreciative of any recognition of my blogging. I happened to visit the website again recently and realized that I should mention it, not

After five years of doing my Sites for Sore Eyes column in GPSOLO Magazine, it is time
to move on.

But I wanted to go out with a bit of style, so the final column, Websites for Bidding Farewell, covers lots of fun and interesting sites from websites that will do your breaking

My Sites for Sore Eyes column in the just-released GPSOLO eReport is Beyond the Basics of Google. Long time readers of my blog may have seen a lot of this information before. But if you have some colleagues who would benefit from this information, be sure and send them the link. I am

Earlier this year Google removed the "advanced search" link from its home page. The answer to the question "why did Google hide Google Advanced Search?" remains a bit of a mystery. Google home page simplicity taken one infuriating step too far remains my best answer. Where you can find Advanced Search is pretty easy. But

Oklahoma lawyer Jeffery Taylor has another identity. He's also The Droid Lawyer™ and publishes a really nice blog under that title with lots of good information about Droid phones, among other things. He's got a lot of great content, so feel free to share the link with your friends. You can also follow him on

I had slowly phased out the Websites of the Week, but have decided to revive it until at least the end of the year because I was inspired by WooWooMac.com. The site's motto is to "learn something new, useful and fun about your Mac, iPhone and iPad." It has many great tips, like Top Ten Useful iPad