After five years of doing my Sites for Sore Eyes column in GPSOLO Magazine, it is time
to move on.

But I wanted to go out with a bit of style, so the final column, Websites for Bidding Farewell, covers lots of fun and interesting sites from websites that will do your breaking up for you, to websites that will help you with digital estate planning issues, to websites that let you really have the last word and websites that will make sure your website or blog doesn't die with you.

The Sites for Sore Eyes column first appeared in the May 2007 issue of the GPSolo
Technology eReport
and went on to GPSolo Magazine from there.
Courtney Kennaday, director of the South Carolina Bar’s Practice Management
Assistance Program (PMAP)
was a co-columnist for quite some time. Thanks to the
leadership and staff of the GPSolo Division for allowing me the opportunity. But it is time to say farewell to this project.