Most law firms maintain a brief bank or forms library. Operating from prior work as a starting place has been a long-established work practice in many workplaces. As I previously noted in my Law Practice Magazine column Your Document Czar (July/August 2015), the way law firms produce Gold standard documentdocuments is evolving as document assembly tools enter

Does quality writing really make you a better lawyer? On this episode of The Digital Edge, The Importance of Legal Writing, hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway discuss legal writing with Gary Kinder, founder of the editing program WordRake. Together, they explore lawyers’ biggest writing errors, why this is important in the  Gary Kinder courtroom,

If you are wondering how something can be both a cliché and a big new idea, I'll concede that is a good question. Bear with me.

Big ideas cover 2016Since 2013, Law Practice Magazine has featured its "Big Ideas" themed issue in July. I was the issue editor on the first issue and, since then, that has been

(Jim's Note: I don't host guest posts here. So please, PR firms, don't flood my inbox with guest post requests. I delete them all unread anyway. But when Elaine Dowling shared this Kindle tip with me, I decided to make an exception to my rule and share the following. Thank for you for the contribution,

So what do you know about Microsoft Office 365? It is a way to convince you to get Office with an annual subscription payment instead of buying the software when you choose, right? It is in the cloud, right? Well, you may know some truths about Office 365, but you probably don't know "the whole

When I first started doing law office technology tips, bashing Microsoft was an easy way to get laughs. Most lawyers used WordPerfect and viewed changing to the less-powerful Microsoft Word as completely illogical. And most importantly, there was no reveal codes feature. The legal community loved reveal codes as a quick and easy way to