I would imagine most lawyers by now have a Gmail account, although many do not use it for their professional email account. Catherine Reach, Director, North Carolina Bar Association Center for Practice Management recently published Gmail Tricks You Can Use. There are some handy tips included in this post.

My Gmail tip is one you may have heard from me before. If you are using standard free Gmail for client business (or if your personal Gmail account has a lot of financial or other important information,) you should probably consider upgrading to a paid Google Workspace account. You can review the pricing on the workspace site. Even at the least expensive level ($6.00 per month), you receive greater email security with security controls you are provided. Another major feature is with these paid accounts, even the inexpensive basic version, you can send and receive mail using your professional address, e.g. your law firm domain name. So every email you send provides the address of your website.