Did you ever think how much worse lawyers current situation would be if all of our research tools were on bookshelves in closed law libraries instead of online? Many lawyers practicing today still recall those days.

OBA legal research member benefit Fastcase is a great tool. But if you did your only Fastcase training years ago (or didn’t do it at all), now is a good time to invest in your future by watching our tips video, exploring Fastcase 7 and then signing up for some additional free training with Fastcase. You may be unaware of the cool features of Fastcase 7.

Improve Your Legal Research with Fastcase Tips from Ed Walters (April 22, 2020)

Part of crisis management in law firms today involves more lawyers spending more time editing their Word documents. Whether resulting from layoffs, work from home delays or people having different assignments, it is sometimes not as easy today to have a co-worker “clean up the formatting of a document” quickly.

These quick “unformatting” tips will help you speed through the sometimes frustrating task of dealing with formatting mysteries in Word Documents.

Removing Formatting from Word Documents (April 17, 2020)


As working from home increased, Zoom videoconferencing exploded as well. People who couldn’t set up a two-person conference call with their phone could arrange a video conference call with 20 participants across the country that also provided an alternative phone line for those without microphones or other equipment issues.

The attention focused  on Zoom as a result of that revealed some weaknesses in the platform and more importantly, some of the settings became very important in the wake of zoombombing attacks on meetings that were not protected by passwords and other issues. Zoom has responded with security upgrades and changes. I am so pleased I got to sit down with Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of the Center for Practice Management for the North Carolina Bar Association to discuss Zoom and its use, as well as alternatives to Zoom for videoconferencing. Our video is about 25 minutes in length. There are links to lots of material as well, including Catherine’s great blog post on the topic earlier this week.

Zooming in on Zoom (April 16, 2020)

Donate a Little & Learn a Lot About Great Practice Management Ideas, Tools and Tips on April 16-17 (April 13, 2020)

It is really impossible to overstate what a great program this is for the lawyer trying to deal with the current “New Normal” of practicing law today. It is inexpensive, has great knowledgeable faculty on important subjects and, if your schedule doesn’t allow to attend a session you really want to see, you can watch the video of presentations “on-demand” at a later time. I’ve registered and you should, too. So much great information that you may want to go back and re-watch some of the presentations you attended.