It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions. Well, since this comes out in mid-January, it is the time when many New Year’s resolutions have already been made and broken. But with the new year ahead, it is an appropriate time to reflect on your law firm and the goals you have for the

I had no idea how many law firms answered their phones with “Hello L’office” until I went to work for the OBA. But it’s not limited to Oklahoma. I have received the same greeting calling lawyers’ offices in many states. Obviously, the intended greeting is “Hello Law Office,” but when you are busy and do

Online reviews are growing in importance where legal sector marketing is concerned. In January 2021, I published Responding to a Negative Online Review after an ABA Formal Ethics Opinion on the subject was released. This is a challenging area for lawyers to understand. So if you missed my comments before, here is another opportunity.


Most lawyers now appreciate that an online presence and online marketing efforts are important for client development for most law practices. Your marketing efforts typically cost both time and money. Our latest Digital Edge podcast is How to Win Clients Online for Free! Our guest is Gyi Tsakalakiss, a former lawyer and the founder of

Negative online reviews can hurt businesses and law firms are no exception. But other types of businesses don’t have to be concerned about confidentiality and attorney-client privilege if they choose to respond to a negative review. Here are some suggestions for lawyers on dealing with negative online reviews.

The American Bar Association released Formal Opinion

For many lawyers, 2020 upended their marketing plans, with industry conferences, customer events and other marketing opportunities cancelled. Who would have predicted that even offering to buy a prospect lunch would become impossible this year?

Micah Buchdahl is an attorney whose company HTMLawyers works with law firms on marketing and business development. He is also

I’m a reader. Given the choice on a web page of reading the content or watching a video, I’m normally heading for the text. (How-to Videos are certainly the exception to this rule.)

An increasing number of consumers prefer videos as the preferred method to receive new information. There are certainly generational differences at play

Many people are now looking for lawyers who provide online appointments. How would someone know if your law firm offers those?

Google has quietly released a new feature (an attribute) that allows lawyers to add online appointment availability to your Google My Business listing. It is a quick process if you have previously set up