Lawyer's Quality of Life

The Human Lawyer is an interesting label. It is interesting because those of us focused on legal technology have now seen dozens of news articles, columns and blog posts about whether robot lawyers or Artificial Intelligence tools are coming for our jobs. Colin S. Levy’s insightful blog post is not about that subject.

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There is clearly a difference between a lawyer who shows up at work at a law firm employing hundreds of lawyers and scores NovDec2016Coverof support staff and a lawyer who shows up at his or her solo practice and greets his or her legal assistant, the only other employee of the practice.

While those differences still

The grinderSometimes life (and law practice) can be a grind.

But often it is all about your attitude.

Here are a few tips for escaping the negative feelings of being in a daily grind.

“An ancient bit of large law firm wisdom was that there were three types of lawyers: finders, minders and grinders.” That’s how