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The Sound of Music is often associated with the holiday season, even though the movie doesn’t contain content we would normally think of as relevant to the holidays. One reason is that in the days before streaming, family-friendly content was often broadcast by networks during this season. Many people have memories of watching the movie

Discussing technology competence among lawyers is always an interesting conversation. When we were discussing adopting the technology competence amendment to the Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct, one lawyer indicated that he didn’t want to learn how to use Twitter and shouldn’t be forced to by a rule or comment. My unspoken reaction was “You don’t

Do you practice People Law? There has long been a perceived difference between large law firm practice and small law firm practice. But, in my view, the major difference is not the size of the law firm, but the type of clients primarily served.

Those who study the data of law practice have noted that

Notifications can be a distraction. They often interrupt a train of thought. If you are being notified of non-urgent information that you would likely learn of anyway later, you probably want to reduce your notifications. With iOS devices it’s easy to review all of your notifications. Just click Settings and then Notifications to scroll through

Google Street View can be intrusive, especially if you had all your windows open when the Google recording vehicle drove by your house. Of course, other people were thrilled that Google Street View preserved them for posterity sitting on their front porch or working in their yard.

Before you decide to replace the image of

The Human Lawyer is an interesting label. It is interesting because those of us focused on legal technology have now seen dozens of news articles, columns and blog posts about whether robot lawyers or Artificial Intelligence tools are coming for our jobs. Colin S. Levy’s insightful blog post is not about that subject.

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