MeditatingToward a Less Stressful Workplace is my column in the January/February 2015 issue of Law Practice Magazine. Law offices often deal with very high stakes matters under strict time deadlines. It is not news to those in the legal profession that there is a lot of stress associated with being a lawyer. So there may be nothing earth-shattering for you in these tips. But it is the beginning of a new year and aiming for less stress in your life and the lives of your coworkers has to be a good thing. So read and feel free to share.

And the "more clients" part? Well this issue is the marketing issue of Law Practice magazine. Marketing is about getting more clients and better clients. The first feature is a three part discussion on branded legal networks. So if you are not sure what those are or how they relate to you, this may be a great magazine for you to read − virtual cover to virtual cover. Note: If you are an ABA Member, you can join the ABA Law Practice Division to receive the physical magazine or if you are not in the ABA, you can always subscribe to the magazine.