I was very pleased to have been interviewed for the cover story of the October 2014 Illinois Bar Journal titled Alternative Billing Comes to Main Street. Patrick Lamb of Valorem Law Group in Chicago, the author of the recently released Alternative Fees for Litigators and their Clients (American Bar Association, 2014) is also interviewed, as

Winning Alternative book cover On Monday, August 24th, the debate about alternatives to the billiable hour got even more high profile as articles appeared about the topic in both the Wall Street Journal and Corporate Counsel. I received Corporate Counsel in the morning mail and soon thereafter my inbox received notices of the WSJ feature from a discussion

Ron Baker is a true expert on the billing methods and profitability of professional services firms. He's written numerous books on alternative billing and is a speaker in high demand. Every single lawyer in private practice should read his recent essay on Recession-proofing Your Firm. Stories of law firm layoffs are in the l

A blog post from the Greatest American Lawyer blog made me chuckle and it might make you think. The webinar topic was law firm profitability and GAL wanted to talk about alternatives to hourly billing. What he didn't anticipate was his unease in discussing hourly billing at all. Read his interesting post.

One of the

Allocatur is a site that I encourage all of my readers to visit. Liz Harris is a "cost lawyer" based in Melbourne, Australia. I'll let you visit her site's About page to learn what a cost lawyer in Australia does. She has a very interesting point of view. (Of course, maybe that's just because I

I first became aware of the Shepard Law Group as a result of legal media coverage they received when they banished the billable hour from their firm. Jay Shepard came up with a very cute idea for the name of a blog related to employment law issues: Gruntled Employees. (After all you don’t want