Winning Alternative book cover On Monday, August 24th, the debate about alternatives to the billiable hour got even more high profile as articles appeared about the topic in both the Wall Street Journal and Corporate Counsel. I received Corporate Counsel in the morning mail and soon thereafter my inbox received notices of the WSJ feature from a discussion group. (Note that unless you are a WSJ subscriber, the link above only gets you a small part of the front page article, but you can watch the video and read the comments to the article.)

This reminded me, first, that there is still a lot of discussion to be had and work to do in this area, and, second, that the 2008 book Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour, Third Edition: Strategies that Work by Mark Robertson and me is now for sale on Amazon, at a cheaper price than at the ABA bookstore.

Bruce MacEwen on his Adam Smith, Esq. blog has a great analysis of this discussion in his post The Billable Hour Debate Is Not About the Billable Hour,  I would encourage you to read his thoughts. I'm in the camp of those who believe law firm billing is now a matter of corporate focus and it is unlikely that large law firm billing practices will return to "normal" after the economy rights itself.