The Law Practice Magazine Sept/Oct 2014 issue is out and Law Prac Mag Sept Oct 2014the theme is law firm Finance.

As always. there is lots of good content, including Starting a Financial Relationship With Your Client- Packaging your fee agreement with an eye toward client relations, written by my colleague and friend Peter Roberts.

My Practice Management Advice column in this issue is What is Your Job Description? Many law firms have recently updated their job descriptions and some have a policy of doing that task regularly. Hopefully this will serve as a quick outline on the mechanics of drafting and updating job descriptions for those lawyers and firms who can use it.

Many of you will see a different look when you click on the article links above. The magazine board has decided to publish the e-magazine version publicly when it was previously only available to Law Practice Division members. So now you can read the entire magazine online and see all of the great color graphic images (and advertisements), along with a few items that were not previously published online.