Law practice is a service, not a product, right? Decades ago that would have been universally considered to be correct by practicing lawyers.

Dorna Moini, CEO of Gavel

Today, however, many believe that some legal services may be better delivered as legal products. The latest episode of the Digital Edge

I’m back from ABA TECHSHOW 2023 with lots of ideas and inspiration.

Providing Limited Scope Legal Services is one way lawyers can provide legal services more inexpensively. Of course, to be profitable, it is important to make great use of automation to produce the work and online marketing to acquire the clients.


Known nationwide for her technology and legal management expertise, Natalie Kelly has recently brought her skills to the Southern Poverty Law Center to help them modernize their legal department operations. Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway talk with Natalie about her new role and the work done by the center to advance civil rights and racial

There was big news in lawyer regulation in August. I think it is fair to say that many lawyers would disapprove of many of these developments. Lawyers who have been studying Access to Justice issues for years will likely have a different point of view.

Bob Ambrogi has been covering the legal profession and Access