I’m back from ABA TECHSHOW 2023 with lots of ideas and inspiration.

Providing Limited Scope Legal Services is one way lawyers can provide legal services more inexpensively. Of course, to be profitable, it is important to make great use of automation to produce the work and online marketing to acquire the clients.

Our OBA MAP Oklahoma Limited Scope Legal Services Resources page is designed to help Oklahoma lawyers better deliver these services in a profitable manner. All forms are sample starting points for Oklahoma lawyers to edit into their own forms. But if you practice in a state that doesn’t have provisions for LSR, our District Court Rule 33 is simple and straightforward. It also addresses many courts’ concerns with limited scope legal services because if there is a problem with one of the documents presented pro se, the responsible lawyer’s name is on the documents so the judge can send the party back to that lawyer in the unlikely event changes need to be made. So this might be a good plan for your jurisdiction to consider as well.

The courthouse can be quite the maze for uninitiated. Remember that the instructions you provide to the pro se litigant as just as important –to them– as the legal documents.

Gavel inside labyrinth maze. 3D rendering