Well, it is the holiday season and with Black Friday quickly approaching, you will certainly want to listen to the 49th edition of the Digital Edge podcast, our annual Tech Toys for the Holidays Edition. Sharon Nelson and I have our usual assortment of the cool and practical high tech gifts, along with a few that are wild and wacky. (You would probably have to have settled a pretty big case this year to bid on the DeLorean Time Machine or justify buying a Robomower, but there are many low cost items featured.) The show notes provide links to all of the products mentioned.

As Sharon and I make our own holiday arrangements, we are gearing up to produce the 50th Edition of the Digital Edge podcast, Lawyers and Technology. Who knew? 

And while we are discussing online gift guides, our friend and colleague, Reid Trautz has just published his 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers. Reid's guide is not limited to technology toys and this year even includes some new ideas in liquid refreshments. Cheers…. I mean Happy Holidays!