Now that I’ve been using speech recognition software (DragonDictate NaturallySpeaking Preferred Edition version 9) for a few more weeks, I decided to write an article about it for the Oklahoma Bar Journal.

The article is titled "Computer, Can You Hear Me Now?  One Lawyer’s Surprisingly Positive Experience with Speech Recognition Software." It is online at

In case anyone is curious, here’s the headset I ended up buying.

I needed to be able to use one headset for both computer and phone. It just arrived and I have not installed it yet. This purchase pretty much precludes me from buying any interesting hardware or software for the rest of the year. But do you see that little blue button? It is a toggle switch with a computer icon on one side and a telephone icon oh the other. It will sit on the desk between the laptop in its docking station and the telephone. That is exactly what I want instead of buttons on the headset.