I was very intrigued when I read Brett Burney’s Review of the Mirra Personal Server 2.0 on LLRX.com. I didn’t get one of these for Christmas, so I may have to buy one myself for my home system. I think that many lawyers should be investigating external hard drives as a part of their disaster recovery plans. They are much less expensive now. I haven’t seen the Mirra in person, but according to Brett it is fairly easy to configure. Then it simply makes a mirror image copy of everything you have designated on your hard drive, or your entire hard drive for that matter. The Mirra is more expensive than some similar products, but it has some exciting features that have sold me. You can invite others to share certain of your folders by logging into the Mirra website. You can give yourself a similar invitation to share all of your folders. So, for one price, it looks like a lawyer can set up a secure extranet to share documents with clients and others online, remote access for the owner to access files remotely and have a back-up solution that functions automatically. Yes, I’m very interested.