By now many of us have hundreds, or thousands, of digital images on our computer hard drives or CD-ROMs which we have downloaded from our digital cameras. You can potentially acquire quite a collection of these over the years. How do you manage (and edit) all of these digital images? I know what tools most of you are currently using- whatever came for free with the camera or computer.

Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Watch reviews Google’s new release of the free tool Picasa 2 and contrasts it with Adobe Photoshop Album 2, which he has used for some time. You will find this review worth reading. It is a great primer on how photo management tools work. I may be easily entertained, but I love the fact that Picasa includes an "I’m Feeling Lucky" button for quick automatic photo retouching. Thanks to Tom Mighell’s Inter Alia for the pointer.

If you still want to read more about digital photo tools, today David Pogue of The New York Times publishes a comparison between Apple’s iPhoto 5 for the Macintosh and Picasa 2. (NY Times may require free registration.)