Tips on practicing during a crisis

Unfortunately, few people see an advertisement on a website and click on the ad to see more about the product or service. And by “few” I mean not enough to make that online advertising effective. So advertisers soon began to rely on popup ads that site visitors could not ignore because they at least had

For many lawyers, 2020 upended their marketing plans, with industry conferences, customer events and other marketing opportunities cancelled. Who would have predicted that even offering to buy a prospect lunch would become impossible this year?

Micah Buchdahl is an attorney whose company HTMLawyers works with law firms on marketing and business development. He is also

Working from home was a big pandemic-related development this year. But the American Bar Association has previously noted that: “Lawyers who continue to provide legal services in the area affected by a disaster have the same ethical obligations to their clients as before the disaster, although they may be able to provide advice outside their

Office 365 users can develop automation tools with Power Automate. This tool used to be called Microsoft Flow and the training materials still reference flows. But this is not a beginner level exercise. Microsoft has provided some videos to help you get started and is hosting a user forum at Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop getting