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At last count, 38 states have adopted language in their Rules of Professional Conduct stating a lawyer should be aware of the risks and benefits of relevant technology. Canada recently adopted a similar change to its Model Code of Professional Conduct. But many lawyers still have concerns about what they need to know and what

I’m Jim Calloway and, among the many things I have done,  I’ve been a blogger covering legal technology, law office management, legal ethics and similar subjects since January 2005.

Several challenges forced me to take a blogging hiatus last year. But, as the saying goes, every challenge brings with it an opportunity. I am very

Most of my blog posts are not Oklahoma-specfic, but this one does mention some OBA resources. It also contain links to much useful free content for anyone opening a new law practice anywhere.

Each year we have a free program for lawyers who are opening a new law practice. The next programs are scheduled September

Long ago when I practiced consumer bankruptcy law, I used to think about the precise meaning of tools of the trade. Oklahoma opted out of the federal bankruptcy exemptions and we use the state statutory exemptions instead. One of the exemptions was “Implements of husbandry necessary to farm the homestead and tools, apparatus and books

Some lawyers were concerned when the Model Rules of Professional Conduct were changed to include a comment that competence as a lawyer included an appreciation of “the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.” Family disputeNow 31 states have adopted some version of this language in comment 8 to Rule 1.1, according to legal technology journalist

ABA TECHSHOW 2018 will be held March 7-10 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. It’s an important year to attend ABA TECHSHOW. Long-discussed changes are underway in our profession and many of them relate to technology. Many consumers are purchasing legal products online. Smart contracts powered by blockchain technology sound very realistic and appealing to large

Our citizens all deserve equal access to justice. Those with financial means can afford the best representation. There are many who can afford to pay something for a lawyer’s help but cannot afford full representation. Next Friday, August 18, OBA Practice Management Advisor Darla Jackson and I teach a three-hour program on Delivering Limited Scope