How to Build a Successful Solo Law Practice is our most recent Digital Edge podcast. Our guest Mark Bassingthwaighte. has been a Risk Manager with ALPS, the nation’s largest direct writer of lawyers’ malpractice insurance, since 1998.The podcast has been transcribed so you can either listen or read the transcript. Mark provides a lot of valuable tips about common mistakes made starting a  law practice. Many of the insights he shared are from the publication, The ALPS Guide to Getting Started Solo. Fair Warning to our listeners: You can receive a free copy of this publication from ALPS, but they make you jump through an inordinate amount of hoops to obtain it. Mark was a great guest with a massive store of knowledge.

In related news, we at the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program just finished teaching our semi-annual class for new lawyers on Opening Your Law Practice a few days ago. Our Opening Your Law Practice Resource Page contains many free resources. We also publish a Closing Your Law Practice Resource page as well, for those at a different stage of their career.