2023 cast a huge spotlight on Artificial Intelligence tools. That means it is a great year to attend ABA TECHSHOW, which will be held in Chicago February 14 – 17, 2024. But it is time to decide now! The Early Bird registration ends on Friday, January 11 Update: The ABA TECHSHOW website now says the

I recently attended a presentation by Judge Scott Schlegel, a Louisiana district judge who has received many accolades for his forward-thinking views about the use of technology to improve court

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proceedings, including text message reminders about appearances and calendars available online for scheduling. He

Our smart phones are so powerful and there are so many apps available for them, it is hard to keep up with everything that is possible.

For iPhone users in the legal profession, Jeff Richardson’s iPhoneJD site has been a resource for many years. If you are interested in a new app, you can go

One of the creepiest things about modern technology is shopping for something with your phone and then ads for that product will be displayed on websites you visit and other apps you use for many days following. iPhone users now have a new tool to avoid this type of tracking and many will want to

The “On Tech” newsletter from The New York Times typically has great content. I encourage people to subscribe to this. The current edition is Why Your TV Spies on You, which is a fact of life for most smart TV’s and streaming services. But while some lawyers may find that discussion interesting, I want

Scribble is a new feature in iPadOS 14. It looks quite handy.

Jeff Richardson of iPhoneJD explains Scribble in this post:

“One of the interesting new features in iPadOS 14 is Scribble, the ability to use an Apple Pencil to write text into a text field instead of using the on-screen keyboard.  I wasn’t

Some iPhone users can’t wait to see what the new iOS update will bring. Others don’t like the changes come to their phones with software updates. I know one lawyer who refuses to let automatic updates install because “the last thing I want first thing in the morning is to learn my phone changed overnight.”