2023 cast a huge spotlight on Artificial Intelligence tools. That means it is a great year to attend ABA TECHSHOW, which will be held in Chicago February 14 – 17, 2024. But it is time to decide now! The Early Bird registration ends on Friday, January 11 Update: The ABA TECHSHOW website now says the

Technology innovations and artificial intelligence tools have generated much discussion this year. There have been many truly amazing uses for AI demonstrated and many of the tools we currently use are now adding AI components. This is a perfect time to attend ABA TECHSHOW 2024, scheduled February 14-17, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

There are two areas related to geotagging photos that lawyers need to appreciate. One is related to privacy and security concerns of both lawyers and their clients. Another relates to the sometimes-hidden evidentiary value of geotagged photos.

As Brian X. Chen, consumer technology columnist for The New York Times, noted in a recent

Technology advances are changing our world in many ways. The number of digital footprints you leave is no longer limited to Internet use, but now also includes your movements being tracked by the phone you are carrying and hidden video cameras in many places recording you. Gathering Evidence – 21st Century Style. The Craigslist Killer

Every December I do a Recent Developments in Law Office Management and Technology program for the Oklahoma Bar Association's two-day Recent Developments CLE. For 2012 the big story in legal technology had to be the rapid changes in e-discovery and predictive coding. Predictive coding means searching documents using algorithms to locate relevant documents rather than a lawyer